Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy Days

What a crazy few days it's been! Sunday morning I took Kris to the airport and it was so sad. We had such a wonderful visit and I've been in a little bit of a funk since she left. Even Alaina misses her. Aunt Kris taught her how to blow raspberries and she refuses to do it now that she's gone!

Hailey & Logan are doing well and settling in at home. He's such a cutie! Alaina usually stays with Hailey but she's hanging out with Allison for the next few weeks. Allison's kiddos, Justin & Chelsea, are so sweet with Alaina. They are thrilled to death to have her there!

Scotlon has a busy schedule this week and then a mid-term on Friday. We will both be SO glad when he is done with school. Only 2 more classes to go!

I am going to completely ignore the fact that I didn't post yesterday and pretend like I didn't fail my 365 day challenge one week in...

Hope that you have a wonderful day!

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