Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Wish List

I was doing some online shopping earlier and came across a few things that I wouldn't mind finding under my tree this year. Bear in mind that under no circumstances will any of these things actually BE under my tree, but a girl can dream, right?

~I would love, love, love to have a new phone this year. Seeing as they don't offer insurance on the iphone, I have been told repeatedly that this is not an option. You drive away with one phone on the roof of your car...

~I have an addiction to coats. I have at least a dozen so I'm sure that means I definitely need this one from Express. I just love the bright blue color!

~These are so pretty. I will NEVER own them since they cost more than my mortgage payment. Should I ever win the lottery though, these babies are mine!

~Best sheets ever hands down. They are on my bed right now and I love them. I just need a couple more sets so that I can rotate instead of washing and then putting my current set right back on.

~I was recently introduced to this lotion and I hate her for getting me addicted. It's stupid expensive but it smells SO good.

~I never cook so the need for a new frying pan really isn't that immediate. When I do decide to I would like to have more than one pan to choose from though.

~Ah, Lush. You are too good for words. I would be happy with any of their products but this body wash is my absolute favorite. It has real cocoa and coffee in it. It's like they made it just for me!

~Just looking at this makes me want to get my craft stuff organized.

~And while we're dreaming big here, wouldn't mind having a pair of these bad boys.