Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love in the Home

One of the blogs that I am absolutely addicted to is Brooke over at the Veleber Chronicles. Her words always whisper quietly to my soul, often saying exactly the thing that I need to hear. This morning was no different. Her post on love was a perfect reminder to focus on the things that are truly important. I am re-posting her poem, but encourage you to go and read her entire post as well as her older material and be blessed!

“Love in the Home”

If I live in a house of spotless beauty with everything in it's place,

But have not love, I am a housekeeper -- not a homemaker.

If i have time for waxing, polishing, and decorative achievements,

But have not love, my children learn cleanliness -- not godliness.

Love leaves the dust in search of a child's laugh.

Love smiles at the tiny fingerprints on a newly cleaned window.

Love wipes away tears before it wipes up the spilled milk.

Love picks up the child before it picks up the toys.

Love is present through the trials.

Love reprimands, reproves, and is responsive.

Love crawls with the baby, walks with the toddler, runs with the child,

Then stands aside to let the youth walk into adulthood.

Love is the key that opens salvation's message in a child's heart.

Before I became a mother I took glory in my house of perfection.

Now I rest in God's perfection of HIS glory.

As a mother, there is much I must teach my child,

But the greatest of all is love.

--Author Unknown

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It runs in the family

If you look closely, you can see her talking with her hands just like I do!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am finally posting again so crawl off my back, thankyouverymuch

It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated my blog in awhile. So, here I am. And here's what you missed in 50 words or less:

Christmas came and went. Alaina ate the bows off her presents. New Years was uneventful. Spent time with good friends. Took 1000 pictures of my kid cause' she's the cutest thing ever. Got hooked on Scrabble for's like crack. Continued working out. The end.

And now you're all caught up!

Just in case you forgot what we look like...

Or forgot that my kid is THE cutest little girl ever...

Yes, that is a pink cowgirl hat. And matching boots. Thank you to Christen (and Cortlyn even though she doesn't know she's sharing) for the sweet hat!!!