Monday, July 21, 2008

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own?

**Update**I found 7 more pair in our guest closet bringing my total to 42 pairs of shoes. Which just makes the whole thing more terrible. I have shoes that I FORGOT ABOUT and there are children who have no shoes.**

A little random for a Monday morning I know, but humor me. One of the blogs I follow, Brad Ruggles, asked this question on Friday. So, I counted and I own 35 pairs of shoes. He followed up yesterday with a post for the 40 Day Fast.

Reading about the number of children that are running around with no shoes, cutting their feet on rocks, while I have a multitude to choose from, is heartbreaking. In fact, with my cast on one foot, I only have a few pair to pick from and I've been complaining about being confined to those.

That makes me a little nauseous.

Go check out his post for the exact number of children who have no shoes. I can't read it and not be moved to do something about it.

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Brad Ruggles said...

Thank you so much for writing this and helping to spread the word about this issue. Trust me, I'm as guilty as you.

Prior to reading about this I didn't spent a single minute thinking that there were millions without something as simple as shoes.

Be sure to check out today's post for some practical ways we can help make a difference.