Thursday, June 12, 2008


Reading the title of this post, I'm sure that you're thinking that I'm going to write something about overflowing with joy or being filled with God's love. Nope. I meant it quite literally.

This morning I put on coffee and the pot wasn't quite right under the spout (which would have been useful information ahead of time). You can imagine my surprise when I went back to get my cherished first cup and there was an empty pot and coffee overflowing everywhere. The counter, drawers, carpet, etc. all covered in my beloved coffee. If you've never cleaned up a spilled pot of coffee, before you've had your coffee, let me tell you, it's not the way I planned to spend my morning. About halfway through cleaning I was so desperate for caffeine that I considered licking it off the counter (go ahead and laugh, I would if I were you).

As I sat down to write this I got inspired and looked up the definition for 'overflowing'. Miriam-Webster said, "to fill a space to capacity and spread beyond its limits". Perfect don't you think?

Here's hoping that all of you had wonderful, uneventful mornings!


katie said...

I love you steph. I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other before I left. I love reading the happenings in your life via your blog. They make my day interesting. Your coffee blog had me crackin up.
Miss you lots
-Katie a.k.a. Longest friend EVER=)

Brad Ruggles said...

I've had those kind of mornings. And there have been times that I was so desperate for caffeine that I would have licked it off a counter too! :-)