Monday, June 30, 2008


I must begin by apologizing to all of you. I have been absent for almost two weeks now and haven't been kind enough to update anyone on thing here. Please forgive me; I promise to be more consistent from this point forward.

I have been in a FUNK for the last week or so. I don't know exactly what my issue has been but I've been out of sorts and a little depressed. I think that a large part of it has been that I'm cooped up and completely dependant on other people. As you all know I am a high-energy person and all the sitting and doing nothing has made me a little bit stir crazy. And by a little bit I mean, just barely one step away from a straight jacket and a padded room. Seriously.

While I was feeling like this I didn't really want to blog. Every time I started to think about getting on I just wanted to whine about something that was really stupid. I was even beginning to annoy myself with the incessant complaining. There was no point in posting something false just for the sake of posting so I didn't post at all.

I know that this is getting long and I'm rambling so I'll update you quick and get off. Major praise: my friend that had surgery the same day I did got all of her tests back and she doesn't have cancer! I am healing well from my surgery and the doctor put me in a cast today. I'm not cleared to go back to work yet but I was expecting that and am continuing to rest so I can go back soon. I even got a hot pink cast which thrills me to know end...I know, I'm such a girl!

I miss you all terribly and am so grateful for your thoughts and prayers. Knowing that you've been praying me through this has helped tremendously. I would love to return the favor; please let me know how I can pray for you.



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~*~Allison~*~ said...

It's great to finally hear from you!!
Sorry you can't get back to work yet... but YEAH on the hot pink cast. Did I ever mention that I've always wanted a cast? Hmm... I'll have to remedy that. (hahahahaha)

Love ya babe!