Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

My daughter is slowly draining all of my brain cells from my body. I promise that I used to be an intelligent person before I got pregnant. In fact, I used to secretly scoff at the girls who blamed "pregnancy brain" for their space-cadet moments. I am here today to tell you that pregnancy brain is very real. I forget what I am saying mid-sentence. I walk out and climb into my car, only to realize that my keys are sitting on the counter. I will ask you a question three times, listen to your response, and still walk away without knowing the answer. It's gotten proportionately worse, the farther along I get in my pregnancy. However, last night takes the cake.

I was working on a special gourmet dinner of Hamburger Helper and Five-Cheese Bread (don't be jealous of my mad cooking skills), and everything was going along fine. Ground beef is done, I added the additional liquid needed, set the timer, and walked away. When the timer went off I came back and instead of seeing a finished meal, I see white & grey gunk. Confused, I open the lid and stare at the pot for a good two minutes trying to figure out what went wrong. I call Scotlon to ask if he thinks it looks odd when I notice the box sitting off to the side.


I realized at that moment that while I added liquid, I never actually added the box of Hamburger Helper. Even though his shaking shoulders were giving him away, I give my husband serious credit for not laughing out loud as he tried to console his overly-emotional, pregnant wife.

Perhaps boxed meals aren't idiot-proof after all...


Hailey said...

Thank God you're pretty! ;)

Leslie said...

I, too, once scoffed at "pregnancy brain." Until the last few months, when I've become convinced that I've lost at least 20 IQ points. The worst thing is immediate forgetfulness. The other day I was making a grilled cheese sandwich for my husband and turned to wash some dishes while one side was frying. I immediately forgot all about the sandwich, the stove, and even my husband, until I smelled something burning. Badly. I'm just glad I didn't burn the house down.

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

Ahhh... another blonde moment for you... AND pregnancy brain... Deadly combo!

Love ya sweetie!

BTW, more brains come out with the placenta!

Anonymous said...

I have one far too many pregnant friends to think that "pregnancy brain" in NOT real!! Steph, this truly made me chuckle! So much that I had to read it to Keith. Thanks for topping my evening off with a chuckle. I love you and think about you daily even though I probably don't tell you that enough.
Hugs and Kisses to you and yours,
Katie Anderson

P.S. I don't know if I would divulge such information to just anyone, but I've even messed up a boxed meal=)

jawd74 said...

That is funny stuff. Thank you for making my day. Now maybe you will understand where I am coming from!! LOL I have been pregnant twice. LOL I wouldn't trade "pregnancy brain" for anything else in the world. My babies were worth it.