Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cure for the Monday Blues

I hate Mondays. I struggle to get out of bed and then try to ward off feelings of mild depression as I realize that I have 4 more days before I can sleep in again. It didn't use to be quite as bad, but I am finding myself moving a wee bit slower these days! Yesterday was particularly challenging because there were two of us trying to get ready. For the first time since we've been married, we don't each have the bathroom to ourselves in the morning. We discovered quickly that we both missed the day in kindergarten where you learn to share things! Adjustments were made on both sides and we managed to make it out of the house without strangling each other.

The end of the day, however, was much better than the beginning! We spent the evening at the Emerson household where we were treated like royalty. Hailey not only made her famous lasagna but surprised Scotlon with his favorite dessert...cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing. Nothing cures the Monday blues like licking fresh icing off of the beaters! In the midst of the mixer going, pots and pans banging, the boys yelling at the xbox (because that will keep their players from dying), I look over and see this:

Girlfriend is passed out. I have no idea how she is still sleeping with all of the noise around her, but I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that Alaina sleeps just like her cousin!
After she finally woke up we put her new t-shirt on her and tried to get a picture of her in it. Ha! She did NOT want her picture taken, which she told us very clearly over and over again. Being the persistant people that we are, Hailey was finally able to get a good one (note the saying):

That's right! Hannah is going to be a big sister on or around November 20th! She already loves her "baby" and will kiss & pat mommy's belly. She got a little confused when we tried to explain that Aunt Stephie had a baby too, but we'll work on that:) Of course, Hailey & I are thrilled to be having our babies together! After all, we do everything else together so why not this???
Here's hoping that your Tuesday goes by quickly and smoothly. If not...only three more days to go!

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Machelle said...

CONGRATS to Hailey!! how special!! Thats aweosme that you will have babies close in age!!!