Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Childbirth Class: Week Two

I am happy to report that our class last night was much less eventful than last week. I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that our regular teacher couldn't be there and we had a substitute teacher. Who, might I add, was awesome.

Going into last night, I was super bummed because my hubby is out of town and had to miss class. However, I am so blessed because my labor & delivery nurse happens to be a great friend and she attended with me. How awesome is that? In addition, Nina is best friends with the woman who was our sub so I was definitely in good hands.

The only downside to the whole evening was the labor video. Not specifically the video itself, but the two fabulous women who were whispering about how hard that particular phase was, etc. I leaned over and whispered as politely as possible, "NOT HELPING!" Nina laughed and promised that every second was worth it in the end. While I know that in my heart, the screaming woman on the screen is still haunting me a little.

The best part was practicing this weeks relaxation technique...massage. I feel very confident that it won't be quite so pleasant when I'm actually in labor pain, but last night it was pretty nice.

Overall, a much better experience than last week. Here's hoping that next week goes just as well!

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