Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm a little all over the place

I'm a little scattered tonight so I'm posting bulletin-style instead of trying to write something cohesive.

~My Christmas tree is finally up and decorated. The rest of the house is on it's way but not quite done yet. I figured about the time we finish, it will be time to take it all down again.

~Alaina has a cold and a double ear infection. She has not been a super happy baby this weekend for good reason. On the upside, she seems to like the way her antibiotic tastes so we're not having to fight her to get it down.

~I'm a little over drama and the people who thrive on it. I know that we can't always avoid drama in our lives (hello!) but there are people who just love to be in the middle of it all. It's like they can't function unless all the attention is focused on them. You know exactly the kind of people I am talking about. You probably know at least one.

~Football is a beautiful thing unless you're watching your team self-destruct. It is then the most frustrating thing in the world. This was the case in my house on Saturday night and I would like some credit for not throwing the remote control.

~Sometimes I wish that no one knew that *I* was the one writing this blog. And then I could write exactly what I feel or think without the worry of upsetting someone that I might wish to write about.

~It's so cold here and I love it. I really, really wish that we would get snow again this year. Preferably on a weekend so I can really enjoy it.

~I have only purchased 2 Christmas presents so far. I am WAY behind and instead of being stressed about it I am very zen. I plan on shopping like a man this year and finishing the rest of it on the 23rd and 24th.

~I have to stop posting random things and go put together bottles to send with Alaina tomorrow. Aren't you glad that there is finally an end to this nonsense???

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