Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be encouraged

Every Tuesday I look forward to reading the Titus 2 Tuesday at happyascanb. She honors the amazing women in her life each week and I think it's so awesome! We spend too much time tearing each other down instead of building our sisters up. This week she asked any who want to participate to share about the women that encourage us and the women that teach us Godly lessons.

I am so encouraged by each of the women in my life in different ways and I couldn't do it without any of them. You see, I need the person who will let me whine ENDLESSLY and never tell me to snap out of it. Who will ask if I want advice or just to vent and then do whichever I choose. The person who will not only join me, but will throw one heck of a pity party for me at the drop of a hat. Who will inflate my ego and tell me 1000 times how wonderful I am for no reason.

If she was the only person though, I would be so much harder to live with than I already am! I also need the person who will let me whine when it's justified, but tell me when I'm harping too long and need to move on. Who will prayerfully and in love, get in my face and tell me that I need to clean up my act, stop being an idiot, and get right with Jesus. The person who I ask when I need a brutally honest, don't-hold-anything-back, opinion because I know that she will tell me EXACTLY what she thinks. You know, in the nicest way possible.

I need the person who will sit quietly and hold my hand, transfering all her love and strength to me in the silence. Who knows me so well that no words are needed to convey exactly what she's thinking.

I need the woman who knows my past, loves me in the present, and looks forward to being a part of my future.

I need the woman who has struggled with the same things that I am struggling with so that she knows exactly how to pray for me.

I need the woman who knows my deepest, darkest secrets and still refuses to pass judgement.

I could go on forever because each woman in my life plays a different, vital role but this post is getting long already. So tonight, I thank ALL of the women in my life for the unique blessings that they bring to my life. I wouldn't be who I am without your influence!

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