Monday, June 15, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was absolutely wonderful...uneventful, but wonderful! We got together with some good friends to celebrate a birthday, slept late, enjoyed some time at the pool and just took it easy. Yesterday afternoon we wandered the outlets and bought some cute things for our girl. We're trying so hard not to buy everything we see, but Carters was having a sale. It's hard to say no when everything at the already discounted outlet is even cheaper!

Mom Norton (Hailey's mama) came over last night to work on the nursery and we had a lot of fun painting together. She's doing a super cute border around the room that I can not wait to post pictures of. She is so talented and I love that Alaina is going to have a nursery that's unlike any other! Now if she would just get here so she could see it...

On that note, nothing new to report. We're down to only 12 days and I am SO ready for baby girl to get here. I'm doing everything that people tell you to scoot her along, walking, hanging out on my yoga ball, eating spicy foods, etc. Scotlon is really crossing his fingers that she's born on Fathers Day (6/21) which is next Sunday. Since there's supposed to be a full moon that day he may be on to something...I go back to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon so maybe I'll have something more to report then!


~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

How rude that you were at the outlets & didn't visit me!!! LOL
Hoping to see you BEFORE the baby gets here - I want to see the belly!

Love ya girl!

Sarah said...

God love ya, girl! I know you've got to be hot as all get out. Hoping she gets here soon!