Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on Alaina

I just spoke with Stephanie, & Alaina is moving from North Georgia Medical Center to Egleston Children's Hospital. Alaina has continued to be in stable condition since my last update, but her precious doctor feels that she will receive better care with his mentor in Atlanta.

Please be in prayer for the Angel Team from Egleston who are en route to fly Alaina to Atlanta, as well as the medical team that will be responsible for her care until she is able to come home with her Mommy & Daddy where she belongs.

We love you so much baby girl, please don't stop fighting.
Aunt Hailey


Loraaf said...

Praying for her and your family down here in South Carolina!

Ames said...

Steph Scotlon and Alaina,

We love you and we are praying for you. I feel like we should be doing more but I know the power of prayer. There are people all over the country praying for your little girl and for y'all. I love you dearly and am praying that your baby girl (who we know has the ability to fight... Granted we know her parents!!). I will see you soon.

With all my love,