Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gwinnett County Fair

This past weekend Bradley participated in the cow show at the Gwinnett County Fair and we all went to show our support. I have never been to the fair before so it was fun to see what they're all about. The food (for me at least), really was one of the highlights. But then again, I have an unnatural addiction to funnel cakes:) They're just so darn yummy!

At this point I need to offer an apology to the man in front of us because he was wearing a navy blue shirt and there was a lot of powdered sugar on our funnel cake. If it had been anyone but Hailey and me, this would not have been a huge issue. However, if you've ever sat next to us ANYWHERE, you know that we can not just shut up and keep our comments in. So, we're desperately trying not to laugh because that blows the sugar everywhere, which just makes us laugh harder. Needless to say, we were very unsuccessful at holding our laughter in. I'm sure that the man in front of us took his shirt off that night very puzzled about the coating of white dust on the back.

There were many more wonderful moments but this post is getting long already! I included some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Gramps...I'm not so sure about this cow business

Okay, maybe they're not so scary after all!

Uncle B is super excited about his turn in the ring

Aunt Sam and Aunt Stephie love me cause' I'm so cute!

All this excitement made me so sleepy!

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Hailey said...

I had a WONDERFUL weekend with you! What do you think about making the fair an annual date? (We can invite the boys too if you’d like! ;))