Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After many technical problems, I finally got the latest ultrasound picture up! It's so hard to believe that I'm getting close to the halfway point. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant yesterday and yet here we are. Just a couple days ago, I felt my peanut move for the first time! It was the weirdest and coolest thing in the whole world. I am so in awe of this miracle growing inside me. I haven't really "felt" pregnant so far but something moving inside me makes it very real! I can hardly wait until our next appointment when I can see the baby again. Hopefully we'll be able to find out if we'll be painting pink or blue then as well! I promise to let you know as soon as we know for sure!


Hailey said...

Sweet baby girl is filling out beautifully! Yes, Michael & I still believe that Huey is a little princess.

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

Hon, I'm leaning towards a boy (I know, I'll be Scotlon's favorite person in the world by saying that).
Either way, you baby is a welcomed gift from Heaven!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen you(although I tried to return your call the other day:/) but I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark and say the that peanut will be a girl. You need a girl. I love you and you better let me know when you know! All these people having kids..STOP DRINKING THE WATER!
Love ya miss ya
Katie Anderson

thebrewster said...