Monday, August 4, 2008

Rock Star Cutie

Friday night we went to Hailey & Michaels for a night of fun, fellowship, and pretending to be rock stars! Let me tell you friends, as the singer of our rock band I can tell you that the mike is a powerful thing. For those of you that have heard me sing and are wondering how I ended up with the mike, it's not because I have talent you didn't know about.

I am simply that bad at all the other instruments.

Bad singing aside, fun times were had by all! We had a 5th member join us and I included some pictures of the fabulous Hannah channeling her inner rock star. Enjoy!

Mommy, can I get one of these installed in my crib?
Uncle Scotlon helping me get the hang of the drums.
My turn! I think I'm ready for my solo act...
Daddy's playing now so I stole his shoes. I think they might be a little too big right now!
Am I cute or what???

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