Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There are moments in life where the greatness of God overwhelms my heart. Times that I see His plan unfolding in front of me as I stand in awe of Him. Tears run down my face as I write this because my heart is too full of joy to hold it in.

One of my dear friends led her daughter to Christ this morning.

So many little steps of obedience, by many people, led up to this moment. So often I don't understand where God is going at all. And there are many times I won't ever understand what His purpose was in a certain situation. I'm getting to the point where that's okay though. I don't have to know what He is doing, all I have to do is be obedient to what He is calling me to do. If one person in this sweet girl's story had chosen not to listen to God's calling, it would have changed everything.

I encourage you to listen for His voice and be obedient to whatever it is He's calling you to do. Even when it seems like something small or random. You never know what a difference it might make.

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Stephanie said...

How cool Steph! That's awesome! I've enjoyed catching up on your blog...see ya soon!