Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday

One of my favorite times of the day is when I'm getting Alaina up and ready to go. She's such a happy baby in the morning! I love peering over the edge of her crib to see her smiling back at me. This morning she was especially friendly and was smiling in her sleep.

Then we get up and change out of our pj's and into a super cute outfit. The hardest part is picking which one to wear for the day!

We spend the majority of our morning eating pictures needed of that though! After breakfast it's off to the swing to hang out for a few minutes while mommy packs the diaper bag. It should have been packed last night but football was on!

Here we are all buckled up and ready to go to Aunt Hailey's! She's still not so fond of the carseat unless it's moving...

I hope that you are having a wonderful Monday morning!
Stephanie & Alaina


Martha said...

How adorable!! I love reading about your morning and seeing pictures of this beautiful, happy baby. Thanks for sharing her pictures.

Rhonda Braswell said...

How totally precious!!! Thanks for sharimg your morning with us!

Ames said...


She is so beautiful! :) She's a morning person?! Must be her daddy's genes... just kidding. Love you!