Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to good old Gainesville!

Man, do we have some huge praises since the last time that I posted! Even more so than when Hailey posted for me (thank you to her by the way). I know that you've all been dying to know what's going on by the number of phone calls we've received and it warms my heart that there's that many people praying for us out there!

Alaina has made incredible strides in the last 4 days. She had an AWESOME nurse at Eggleston named Risa who had a tough love approach and told Alaina that she was not allowed to be a diva anymore. Just because it was a holiday weekend did not mean that it was going to be drama-filled and she needed to settle down. Apparently Alaina realized that she was not going to be able to milk it anymore and settled down happily! Scotlon and I are thrilled to learn that now so that we can be prepared with a no diva rule in our house in the future:)

They were able to wean her off of the Nitric Oxide that she was on and lower her Oxygen even further. Because of these things we were able to hold her! Scotlon was there on Tuesday night when they decided to let us hold her and he is quick to remind me that he held her first. He feels this is very fair since I held her for nine months. I tried to tell him that I paid my dues in swollen ankles, back aches, the incision in my belly, but he wouldn't budge.


I spent just over three hours with her snuggled in my arms yesterday and got to feed her for the first time. Granted, it's through a feeding tube but it was my milk feeding her and that made me feel very much like a mommy. I know that I am a mommy but it doesn't always feel like it so yesterday was just incredible.

Today we got the call that they were shipping her back to Gainesville! She came back this afternoon and we have already been over to make sure that our girl got settled in okay. She wasn't as thrilled by this car trip but seems to have calmed down a bit more now. We're hoping that she stays calm so we can get moving on making some more progress.

We still have absolutely no idea how long it will be before she comes home to us. There's still a long way to go before that happens, but unless something crazy pops up, we feel very confident that we will at least get to bring her home at some point. Up until now that's been up in the air and it feels really good to see an end in sight!

Lord we praise you! Thank you for the healing that you have done thus far on our sweet girl. We ask that you continue to put a healing hand on her and love her as only You can. Please provde strength and peace for Scotlon and I as we walk through this season. Please help us to remember that you have a purpose for every thing that is happening right now and that you will use this for your glory!

Psalm 100:5 - "For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations."

Dark eyes just like her daddy!

Love that sweet girl!

Daddy and Alaina completely in love with each other

Mommy trying REALLY hard not to cry (which lasted about 30 seconds)



Hailey said...
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Hailey said...

Alright, I feel like a total moron for forgetting to ask you if I could see all your pictures of you & Alaina yesterday while we were at your house ALL DAY LONG. Way to think on my fanny. Anywho, the one picture that you shared with us is absolutely unbelievable. Oh, & I will be sure to remember that ‘no diva’ tough love approach whenever she comes to stay with me during the week…a long, LONG time from now ;)!

I love you honey!
Thanks for a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Martha Meeks - we were college roommates! I want you to know that we all are lifting you both and Alaina up in prayer. We are thankful to the Lord for the progress that she has made. God bless. She's beautiful.

Christen said...

Okay, I'm totally in tears now! I'm so glad to get to see that precious baby in your arms! I cannot wait until I get to hold her myself! She's is so sweet and I am so happy for you guys!!!!! I love you!!!!!

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

What a tremendous blessing it was to see your sweet girl in your arms! I know that's been a long wait, but it was worth it.

Praise God for the healing that He is working in Alaina!!!

Love you all,

Julie said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayers! You all have been and will continue to be in our prayers. I'm so glad to see Alaina's mommy and daddy holding her. I can't wait to meet my beautiful sweet little cousin!


Rhonda said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures .... she is beautiful and so glad to read that you both got to hold her and that she is getting so much stronger!!! Still praying for strength for the whole family and for healing for Aliana.

Matt & Rhonda

Ames said...

You are an amazing example of strength and don't you or Scotlon ever forget that. My whole office is in tears because I just shouted "SHE's GOT PICTURES UP!!"

We're all so thankful and Praise our mighty God for answered prayers!! We will continue to lift all of you up in prayer specifically for strength, peace and understanding.

You are awesome God! :) YAY JESUS!

Can't wait to see that beautiful baby girl and her MOMMY AND DADDY!!

Love you so much,
Ames ;)

Karen Christopher said...

Steph, My mom sent this to me through email... wanted you to "hear" it in her own words:

WHOO-YOOH! That is great! I have been thanking God over and over since you called Wednesday night with the good news that they let Steph and Scotlon hold her. We are still praying that God will continue to heal her to full recovery. Please pass that along to Steph (either thru Hailey or texting, or whatever).

Thanks for sending the email and the pictures …. she is precious!


(Karen Christopher)

Jaime said...

Happy news for the happy Hughes!!! Moving in the right direction!!

I'll call you next week!!

Love you bunches and bunches,


Joe and Abby said...

My heart is jumping for joy you guys. We have been praying and will continue to!!! Love you!

Abby and Family

MUdell said...
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MUdell said...

Hi Stephanie, Scotlon, and Alaina. I found a link to your blog from Abby's blog. I am so glad that Alaina is doing better. She is beautiful. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you all for her to be in the NICU. You are in my prayers. May God continue to bless you three.

Meredith (Cross) Udell